Our amazing features will help you in various ways

Streamlined Process

Inspection Managers can prepare the inspection back at office, then assigns the Inspectors to conduct the inspection.

Online Inspections

Record inspection results directly into the cloud. Jot down findings, add remarks, and take photo evidences that will help you build your reports.

Standard Checklists

Our system provides industry standard checklists so you get up and running in no time. You can even add and customize your own!

Quality Controlled

Track your work and optimize your workflow. Control the quality of your process to maximise excellent output.

Stunning Reports

Produce solid reports that will amaze your customers. Customer satisfaction guaranteed, they will surely come back for more!

Comprehensive Analytics

Visualize your data into infographics and analytics. Help customers understand their problems and needs. Deliver value-added services!

Perfect Digital Solution
for Impactful Results

DIAudit will allow you to improve and streamline your process. This will eventually yield excellent results out of your improved workflows.

Achieve better coverage of your inspections, track down minute details, impress your customers with reports that exceeds their expections.

DIAudit on mobile

Simplify your fire inspection. With our mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can now conduct the fire and safety inspections both online and offline so you can stay on the move!

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