Why do you need DIAudit?

DIAudit: The Fire Safety Inspection Software You Need in 2021

A fire safety inspection is a necessary step in obtaining a Fire Certificate. Fire inspection is necessary to ensure that the buildings utilised are safe and have a comprehensive fire protection system in place to minimise future hazards. And, if you are the property owner, you will undoubtedly be concerned in the fire safety inspection report conducted on your property. And even if you change fire safety contractors in the future, the report will still be available and usable with DIAudit.

Going into 2021, everything will be online and digital. Have you considered Malaysia's online fire safety inspection system? Now you don't have to worry, the DIAudit system is an online fire safety inspection system that will make your life easier. All you need to do is download the DIAudit app on your phone and continue doing inspections and audits online.

What will you expect when you install DIAudit?

  • You can save time and cost, no more issue with lost records as your data is stored online!
  • The use of paper and the number of on-site inspectors were also reduced.
  • Fire safety inspection reports can be accessed anywhere.
  • Comprehensive report! Complete with data and analytics.
  • Uniform checklist and report.
  • NFC and RFID feature for asset management as well.
  • Manage Fire Certificate Online!

If you own the property, you can direct your contractor to implement this system. Why? The answer is that even if you change contractors in the future, the fire protection system information of your building will still be available to you and will not be lost. If you are the building owner or contractor and have not used the DIAudit system, install it now. What's even more, this system is completely free! It is designed to make it easier for fire safety inspectors to perform online inspections and for building owners to obtain fire safety reports.